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B - Intersections (Continued)

Make sure that if you stop, your entire vehicle is behind the line. If there is not a stop line, make sure that you are far enough back to allow the train plenty of space to pass.

Sometimes, especially in rural areas, the only warnings present are passive warnings. If this is the case, then making sure you are safe is solely your responsibility. As you approach, watch and listen for an approaching train. Sometimes it may be difficult to see an approaching train, so it is important to listen for both the train’s horn and the sound it makes on the tracks. Make sure to look both left and right as you near the tracks.

Active warnings signal to you that a train is approaching. There are three primary active warnings.

The first is a crossing gate. A bar is lowered across the road on the near side of the tracks. This bar is only on the side closest to you so that vehicles which are in the process of crossing can get completely across the tracks without getting stuck on the tracks.

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