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Impaired Drivers (Continued)

Sleep deprivation

Circadian rhythms refer to your body's sleep cycle. You should plan your driving when you are normally awake and not drive around the time that you normally go to bed. Be aware that jet lag will throw you off of your normal schedule. A sleep plan must be made to compensate for the time displacement.

The most dangerous times to drive are generally 12 am to 5 am and 1 pm to 3 pm because your body is generally more ready to sleep at these times.

Check Your Backside

If mirrors are properly used, a driver should not be surprised when a vehicle passes. What are the signs? If a driver behind you is seen weaving in and out of traffic, what is the correct prediction when he gets near? That's right; he'll whiz right by. Be ready for these other drivers and, when possible, move aside and let the car pass.

Compensating for Distracted Drivers

What about the driver who is having his breakfast or applying her makeup while driving? This is another driver who should be avoided. When drivers are clutching a map, reading, talking on a cell phone, or eating while driving, watch them. Do not let their lack of attention become your problem. Give such drivers a lot of room. They are dangerous because their attention is not 100% focused on their driving.

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