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B - Intersections (Continued)

DO NOT drive around the gate by weaving through the opposing lane. This is very dangerous either if another driver is present or if the train is traveling faster than it appears to be. You are required to stop until the bar is raised and any lights present indicate that you may proceed.

The second most common active warning is circular red lights. The most common placement is on the vertical pole of the crossbuck, though they sometimes are positioned elsewhere, such as above the crossing. There should be at least two lights that alternate flashing. If the lights are flashing, it means a train is approaching and you are required to stop until they are no longer flashing.

The third type of active warning is a typical traffic light. These are more likely to be present in urban areas especially near commuter trains.

Even if there is an active warning present, you should still search the crossing to make sure it is safe before proceeding. You want to be certain the crossing is safe in case the active warning malfunctions.

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