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Parked Cars

What are the signs that tell us a parked car is ready to move into our path of travel (Figure on the right)? Can you name them?

In a parking lot, when reverse lights are on, this is an indication that the vehicle will probably be backing out. However, do not let this be the only clue. Sometimes reverse lights do not work. Get in the habit of looking at the cars nearest yours before getting in your vehicle. You should notice which cars have drivers in them. Is the exhaust visible, indicating the car is running? You should also notice where pedestrians are located. Take a quick glance around the area before getting in the car to help identify potential hazards.


We must emphasize that drivers must always be alert for pedestrians; especially watch for children. If a ball bounces into the road, what does this mean? It most likely means that a child will run into the road behind it. In fact, whenever small children are near the roadway, consider it a danger.

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